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4) Any new projects or project-lets that take my fancy

Although I set out with a very practical, applied science, engineering science objective, these projects are very multi-disciplinary and I've met all kinds of interesting people along the way (philosophers, mathematicians, scientists, engineers). Here's some of the spin-offs I'm interested in that may or may not lead to future papers or collaborations.

  • The Thermo project looks into the role of reversible computing and the Theory of Information, physical reality and the nature of knowledge..

  • The Thermo and the Signalling projects give a general interest in the nature of time (Time's Arrow).

  • The Signalling project suggests that/space-time Relativity is an emergent phenomenon.

  • The Electromagnetic Propulsion and Signalling projects suggest an "Ether" pervading space that also allows Relativity to emerge from it.

  • I have an ongoing interest in Materials Science, especially nano-technology and high performance materials.

  • I have a developing interest in medical technology, medical materials science, medical electronics, genomics and proteomics through my discussions with an old friend of mine who works at a venture capital company and for which I have done some contract work..

  • I have a general interest in environmental technologies, especially desert remediation.


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