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About me

This is the personal homepage of research scientist and futurologist Remi Cornwall, alumni of UMIST/Manchester and London University. To contact me, try the secure messaging facilities on Academia.edu or LinkedIn. I'm on Academia.edu, ArXiv.org, Preprints and Vixra.org.

My primary interest is in future concept physics-engineering and looking closely at the fundamental physics where there appears to be a clash. Hopefully these forays into new areas will go mainstream for the 21st century, the most satisfying of which will be Electromagnetic Propulsion and practically limitless Clean Energy.

New science often works with phenomenon which are initially uncertain or buried in noise. It is thus important to have theory, a rationale, an underpinning, to begin to understand the data. Too many times have I seen amateurs claiming "free-energy" devices, faster than light or non-reactive propulsion devices. The results are never replicated: no way forward can be found in improving the device because there is no rationale but spend more, make it bigger, faster etc. without an explicit "how". Then a cadre of true-believers, tinkerers and hangers-on come along and ruin any rational inquiry. The method I use is - extremely well-known theory (theory is the summary of observation) to build reductio-ad-absurdum arguments that lead to mutually exclusive outcomes - for the hypothesis or against or even fix the theory base.

I hope these projects provide the foundation for us to live in harmony with nature, to be able to communicate quickly over vast distances and to become a space-faring peoples within my lifetime.

NEW: The sanctity of Peer-Review...? I'm not sure...

NEW: Slide show (b) on Electromagnetic Propulsion given at Tim Ventura's APEC conference

NEW: A new paper (b, c) in the Electromagnetic Propulsion project on calculating the Cosmological Constant from Vacuum Energy.

(Paper still needs work: I predict an interaction between zero point modes and that needs to be better justified.)

NEW (re-stated): An appeal against the B.S. of "thermal noise rectifiers", which are hindered by Fluctuation Dissipation Theorem.


What you'll find on the this website. The various proofs are distributed amongst the projects below.