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Not so pure Peer Review

It's time to take a stand against the miserable (and I won't mince my words, much) f..kers, the gatekeepers, the corrupt (with vested interests), the envious, the risk-averse, the small-minded, the talentless, the cliquey, the bastions of the peer-review process messing up people's lives, denying opportunity, denying progress for humanity, even shortening lives (see below and the documentary "The Quiet Epidemic") - but don't just take my word for it! I present a few case examples and quotes:-


Watch this documentary about Lyme Disease and how a few influential medical "professionals" hold back research (for whatever reason or personality failing/fault) despite irrefutable evidence: The Quiet Epidemic


Trust an expert? Mmmh, yes, let's let them run our lives and everything for us.


What Julian Schwinger thought of the peer review process:-


Below we look at the snootiness of idiots and so-called experts, not necessarily the peer reviewed journals. The New York Times (standard know-it-all fodder for cynical left-liberal academics, like The Guardian, Washington Post, LA Times) had a go at one of the pioneers of rocketry - Robert H. Goddard (at least they put a correction in several decades later!)


And then there's just plain fraud...


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